Platos Academy 0+

(Akadimia Platonos), Filippos Tsitos, GR - D 2009, Greek version / Czech subtitles, 103 min
Platos Academy

Day after day, Stavros rolls up the metal shutters of his little store and sets out the seats on which he and his friends spend all day commenting all the buzz around. The most popular target of all are foreigners and immigrants, especially those from Albania. But their routine is turned upside down one day when Stavros' mother welcomes her second - Albanian - son. Since this moment, Stavros is someone else for his friends: Is he actually Greek, or Albanian? This Greek comedy about a sleepy small town, a bunch of loungers, their superficial babbling, and their prejudice, by Filippos Tsitos, made it to the finale of LUX Prize.


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