Beach Rats 15+

Eliza Hittman, USA 2017, English / Czech subtitles, 98 min

Frankie lives in a house with his sister and mother, who is looking after their dying father. He spends most of the time on the streets of Brooklyn, hanging out with his bros, smoking weed and occasionally selling some. He also gets closer to cheeky Simone during the summer, and they start sort of dating. But at nights, he logs into a gay dating site, chatting with older guys, and has no problem meeting some of them either. After all, why not? The perfect Frankie suffers from no lack of interest. It might balance the inadequacy irritating him when he fails to satisfy his first girlfriend, but he just might be refusing to admit to himself that she is actually the smokescreen for his inner turmoil. Beach Rats is a collage of moods experienced by Frankie as he searches for his place in the world. An emotive coming-of-age film which illustrates how destructive the environment of toxic masculinity can be for those who live in fear of rejection for being different.

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