Pussy Talk 0+

(Le sexe qui parle ), Claude Mulot, F 1975, French version / translated into Czech, 88 min
Pussy Talk

Claude Mulot’s box office hit Pussy Talk holds the historical position of the starting point for the Continental carnal industry, just like Gerard Damiano’s Deep Throat does in the US. There are strong thematic similarities between the two, just supplant the misplaced joy buzzer with a gossipy gash. Penelope Lamour stars as a woman who discovers that her vagina has developed both a life and a voice of its own. As the vagina becomes more and more vocal, it ends up causing more and more trouble. Grand Prize winner at the first and only International Porn Film Festival in Paris, 1975, Pussy Talk is a nostalgic reminder that porn can have an entertaining story and be something more than just endless sequences of sex.


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