Point Taken 0+

various, 0000, original version / Czech subtitles, 65 min

Point Taken is a crossdisciplinair dance film project initiated by the Dutch Mediafonds and the Performing Arts Fund NL in cooperation with the Dutch broadcaster NTR and Cinedans, produced by KeyFilm. The films are preceded by short documentaries about the working process made by Manon Lichtveld and Bas Westerhof (Beat The Dutch).

Joris Hoebe (director); Boukje Schweigman (choreography)
In the wide landscape of a barren flatlands a man falls from the sky. He discovers the changing of the seasons, de confrontation with the masses and the relation between ‘us’ and the ‘stranger.’ For a fleeting moment there is a shared intake of breath but in the end he is left in solitude.

Marco Gerris & Wilko Bello (directors) & Marco Gerris (choreography)
Martial arts dance film in a prison. About the power of avoiding and the beauty of giving way. Now and then a firm kick. A ‘fight choreography’ for trickers, breakers and free runners. Through pushing their ‘moves made for movies’ to the limits they try to stop Marco Gerris, an unchained dancer, in his ‘run-to-freedom’.

Memory Lane
Paul and Menno de Nooijer (directors; Joost Vrouenraets (choreography)
In the autumn of their lives, flicking through old photos a couple looks back upon the long time they have been together. Times during which they have shown each other each corner of the room (literally and by figure of speech).

Diamond Dancers
Quirine Racké & Helena Muskens (directors); Nicole Beutler (choreography)
A large group of line dancers travels to Amsterdam in a white tour bus to perform a flash mob in front of the Royal Palace at Dam Square. A flash mob is usually a surprise performance by young people, but now it is a group of elderly dancers who enjoy showing themselves to the passers-by and turn the expectations of the growing audience upside down.

Cinedans International Dance on Screen Festival is a unique festival – both in The Netherlands as well as abroad. Dance films are the central focus. Cinedans describes a “dance film” as a true synthesis between two different media – dance and cinematography. At Cinedans the emphasis will lie on choreographies created specifically for the camera and on special film adaptations of existing dance performances. Furthermore, a selection of special documentaries and retrospectives will be shown. During the festival approximately sixty films from all over the world will be screened. In addition to the film programme, there will be readings, debates and workshops to attend. In the ever-changing landscape of media, the creators are increasingly seeking different ways of telling their stories. New media and modern technology have entered the scene – and there are new possibilities and changing insights. Dance film is no longer “movement on the white screen”, new forms are developing: installations, interactive projects, video clips, … Contemporary “dance films” are often autonomous pieces of art with a language of their own and an expressiveness that cannot be pigeonholed. Cinedans closely follows this movement and in addition to the film programme focuses on different forms of crossover projects and media installations with movement, as it’s main subject. Cinedans also organizes “Cinedans on tour” and travels across the world to screen a selection of the film programme. Cinedans is an annual festival that takes place in the month December in Amsterdam. In 2011 it will take place from 1-4th in Amsterdam theatre ‘De Balie’ You can find more information on www.cinedans.nl


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