Follow My Voice with the Music of Hedwig 0+

Katherine Linton, USA 2006, English version / Czech subtitules, 100 min

A studied profile of four students at New York City's Harvey Milk School, the first high school dedicated to the special needs of gay, lesbian and transgendered teens. The film follows them through the usual intricacies of adolescence, coupled with an attempt to come to terms with their identities. Their story is expertly combined with that of the production of an album of songs from the cult stage and film musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch being put together as a benefit project for the school. Performances of these songs, interpreted by like-minded artists Frank Black, Rufus Wainwright, Cyndi Lauper, They Might Be Giants, and Jonathan Richman, form a parallel storyline and eventually emerge as a soundtrack to the lives of the students.


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