The Last Days of Left Eye 0+

Lauren Lazin, USA 2006, English version / Czech subtitles, 87 min

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was the outspoken hip-hop heart of TLC, one of the most successful female groups in pop history. While the trio's R'n'B grooves ruled radio and MTV, Lopes made headlines for her drinking problem, feuds with bandmates and a stormy romance with an American football star. In 2002, having traded in booze for numerology and the teachings of an ascetic wellness guru, she decamped to the Honduran jungle with 30 relatives and friends to rest, recharge and make a documentary that would show the real Lisa Lopes to the world, and perhaps to herself. Four weeks later she was killed in a car crash. Compiled largely from footage of that trip, this is an astonishingly personal summation of an ambitious and talented artist's life and mind, up to her final moments.


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