Post Tenebras Lux 0+

Carlos Reygadas, MEX, NL, F, GB 2012, Spanish version / Czech subtitles, 120 min

Una película fascinante de Carlos Reygadas, uno de los directores actuales de cine mexicano más interesantes, que cuenta la historia de una familia joven que decide vivir en el campo. El choque con la vida en el pueblo no es tan poético como parecía al principio.

POST TENEBRAS LUX ("light after darkness"), ostensibly the story of an upscale, urban family whose move to the Mexican countryside results in domestic crises and class friction, is a stunningly photographed, impressionistic psychological portrait of a family and their place within the sublime, unforgiving natural world. Reygadas conjures a host of unforgettable, ominous images: a haunting sequence at dusk as Reygadas's real-life daughter wanders a muddy field and farm animals loudly circle and thunder and lightning threaten; a glowing-red demon gliding through the rooms of a home; a husband and wife visiting a swingers' bathhouse with rooms named after famous philosophers. By turns entrancing and mystifying, POST TENEBRAS LUX palpably explores the primal conflicts of the human condition.

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