Pragueshorts for Kids 0+

(Pragueshorts dětem), různí, Original version / Czech subtitles, 56 min
Pragueshorts for Kids

Pragueshorts for Kids is a program for our little film fans put together by children themselves. You will see both animated and live action films from all over Europe: Armenia, France, Germany, Italy… Our little viewers and their parents will learn that you don’t have to be ashamed for wearing glasses, that a small blue tapir can be a great friend, what does it look like in a land where wind blows all the time or how flexible can giraffes be. And the boys will surely appreciate our football film. We have a Czech representative in the program, an adventure Little Cousteau by Jakub Kouřil. The program is suitable for parents and children over 5 years of age.

5 mètres 80
Directed by: Nicolas Deveaux, France, 2012, COLOR, 5min.
Are those giraffes trained or were they born like this? Acrobatic dives into the water with surprising elegance performed by the tallest animals on earth will leave no heart untouched and no mouth closed

Little Blue Tapir
Directed by: Salla Kallio, Finland, 2014, COLOR, 15min.
A little blue tapir sails from an unknown place and finds a new home with a little ocarina-playing girl and her jolly grandmother. They live happily together for some time, but then disputes start to appear. Friendship isn’t always easy, especially between two different species.

Directed by: Robert Löbel, Germany, 2012, COLOR, 4min.
Once upon a time there was a land far far away where the wind blows all day long. However, the people there are quite industrious and capable of facing this challenge and often even use it for their own good. What will happen when this place goes windless?

Gelato Go Home
Directed by: Alasdair Brotherson a Jack Mooney, United Kingdom, 2013, COLOR, 4min.
Where do the ice-cream carts go when the first snowflakes cover the land and nobody feels like ice cream? One needs to take a good rest before the demanding flight to the southern lands, then pop in a service station, spread your wings and fly as a flock to hotter climate where ice-cold delight comes in handy.

Shame and Glasses
Directed by: Alessandro Riconda, Italy, 2013, COLOR, 7min.
„Wear the shameful glasses and see the board or rather suffer and think I look good?“ Little Mirko has to face this difficult decision. The situation is resolved, however, with a little surprise. Glasses can even be rather cool, especially worn by that cute classmate.

The Dream of a Little Mouse
irected by: Vanuhi Dunamalyan, Armenia, 2014, COLOR, 4min.
„Wow! A computer game! But no one is playing.“ Yes, that’s right. The screen shows a crayz-paced cat and mouse race with obstacles being overcome and points collected (in the form of pieces of cheese). The winner takes it all. But what if a mouse is not just a mouse?

Little Cousteau
Directed by: Jakub Kouřil, Czech Republic, 2013, COLOR, 8min.
It isn’t easy to be a small boy in a snow-covered deserted city when all you want to do is to dive deep into the oceans with Jacques Cousteau. Sometimes even the wildest dreams may come true, especially if your companions on an adventure are a cunning ginger-haired cat and an octopus-shaped balloon.

Directed by: Victor Santos, Portugal, 2012, COLOR, 6min.
Searching for a football that was kicked into the garden of an old grumpy neighbor can turn into an unexpected adventure and discovery that the one we fear the most may be an equally enthusiastic football fan as us -  we just need to get to know him.

Directed by: Dan Velsink, Netherlands, 2012, COLOR, 3min.
To get the perfect shot of nature requires a lot of diligent preparation – you need to be at the right place in the right time. Two determined hikers are well prepared, yet they are missing something. What they don’t know is that the scene they want to picture is closer than they think, and may even jump at them unexpectedly.


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