Přednáška: Overheated Identities (T. H. Eriksen) 0+

English, 120 min
Přednáška: Overheated Identities (T. H. Eriksen)

Overheated Identities: Ideological Frictions in the World of 2019 

The main political division in many parts of the world has shifted from class to identity politics. As a result, new political movements have entered the field, often successfully – from Modi's India to Trump's USA, from the Brexit chaos to the return of ethnic nationalism in Central Europe. This lecture argues that the shift towards "nativist" politics is a result of ungoverned accelerated change and neoliberal globalisation, that is to say, "overheating". This has alienated large segments of the population, who rightly feel that they are not being taken seriously by increasingly distant politicians. In order to counteract the tendency of xenophobic, polarising identity politics, it is necessary to recognise that the complaints are reasonable, but that the simple solutions offered by populists will not address the problems adequately.

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