PŘESUNUTO | Methods of Questioning and Obtaining Information | 8.30 pm 0+

(Metody výslechu a získávání informací | repríza 20:30), 2020, 120 min
PŘESUNUTO | Methods of Questioning and Obtaining Information | 8.30 pm

Lecture was postponed to 30th October at 8.30pm.

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A suspect sitting opposite you. Is he telling the truth or is he lying? Is he a witness or a criminal? How to get under his skin? Do you want to know how investigators read the mind and get to the truth? For great interest we are adding one more opportunity to listen to an interesting lecture by criminal psychologist Ondrej Kubík. We will discuss the methods of questioning and obtaining information that is used in our country and tell us how to use the knowledge of psychology in criminal-law situations. We will also discuss, for example, the differences in the questioning of juveniles, adults or people with lower intellect. Plug in your gray brain cells, they'll teach us something tonight!

Mgr. et Mgr. Ondrej Kubik, PhD
is a Slovak criminal psychologist, lawyer and security analyst. Kubík is a recognized expert in psychological assurance, investigative and criminal psychology, law psychology, propaganda psychology, extremism psychology, propaganda technology and information security psychology. For more than ten years he worked as an expert consultant of the Police Corps - criminal psychologist for the purpose of psychological assessment of the credibility of testimonies of witnesses, suspects and accused. He is currently dealing with psychology of manipulation of human behavior, psychology of propaganda and extremism, experimental and provocative propaganda and information war technology in the context of international law of armed conflicts and international law of information security.

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