Shanghai Fiction 0+

Julia Albrecht, Busso von Müller, D 2008, Chinese version / English subtitles, 133 min

A migrant worker, a businesswoman, a university professor and an architect in the Chinese Babylon of the 21st century. A cinematic tour-de-force through urban madness. Shanghai, the gigantic ocean of houses with its skyscraping buildings. In contrast: the idyllic countryside around the mighty Huangpu River. Using intelligently placed, contrasting montages, "Shanghai Fiction" tells the story of four people from different generations and social backgrounds living in contemporary Shanghai.

"Shanghai Fiction" is a radical and exciting film, both in terms of its general concept as well as in its formal details. Both directors successfully connect the four protagonists' individual stories in such a way that universal truths are laid bare.

The screening is in partnership with Goethe-Institut Prague.

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