The Organic Way 0+

Sunil Shanbag, IND 2008, Hindi / English subtitles, 58 min

Between 2001 and 2007, over 150,000 farmers have committed suicide across India. Every suicide has a multiplicity of causes, but the common factors are the rising cost of chemical fertiliser and pesticide based agriculture, declining soil fertility and a growing dependence on commercial varieties of seeds. But in many parts of the country, small farmers are re–discovering their own sustainable ways to farm. These farmers may live and work in different geographical, climatic and economic conditions, grow a variety of crops and have different degrees of skill and knowledge. But, they all belong to a growing number of farmers who may have found a way to deal with the agrarian crisis in India. This film profiles four such farmers.

This film is part of a program curated by Karan Bali, filmmaker and co–founder of


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