D'Wild Wild Weng 0+

Eddie Nicart, RP 1981, English version / Czech simultaneous translation, 84 min

There’s an end to every love affair and this year we have our last tête-à-tête with the star, that has boxed its way into the hearts of all shockproof aficionados. After For Y’ur Height Only and The Impossible Kid the Filipino midget action star Weng Weng is back in his final leading role, this time not as the infamous Agent 00, but as the hero of pure pinoy-western extravaganza. That means trading his characteristic white suit for a tiny waist coat and ruffled shirt and being only ever referred to as Mister Weng or Mr Wang, depending on how hung-over the guy in the dubbing booth was. He does, however, strip down to karate pants to do some suave martial art moves to a jaunty mariachi score. A 1981 Filipino movie filmed on a zero budget and dubbed into stoner English? Can it be worth watching? You already do know the answer.

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