Why Can't I Be Tarkovsky? 0+

(Neden Tarkovski Olamıyorum), Murat Düzgünoğlu, TR 2014, Turkish version with English and Czech subtitles, 110 min
Why Can't I Be Tarkovsky?

A tragicomic tale about the yearning to shoot great films.

Though film director Bahadir is now over thirty, he has spent his professional career shooting advertisements and chintzy films for television, most of which have been based on folk songs. His lifelong dream, however, is to shoot a true motion picture just like his idol, Andrej Tarkovskij. Torn between his aspirations and unfavorable reality, will he succeed in fulfilling his great ambition? This is a tragicomic tale of one artist’s yearning to create and the hurdles and compromises he encounters on the way.

Awards: Nuremberg Film Festival “Turkey-Germany” 2015: Best actor.

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