La Promenade+Chasing the Breath+CANYONING TICINO 2017+Castles of Loire 0+

(La Promenade+Chasing the Breath+CANYONING TICINO 2017+Zámky na Loiře), Různí režiséři, 2018, original version / Czech subtitles, 104 min
La Promenade+Chasing the Breath+CANYONING TICINO 2017+Castles of Loire

La Promenade

At the bottom of the highest mountains in Europe, among the “4 Giants of the Alps” as Mont-Blanc, Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and Grand Paradis are nicknamed, two young free-riders, Shanty Cipolli and Simon Croux, 23 and 19 years old, decided to do the entire tour of Aosta Valley on skis. A twenty day journey in the most isolated and untouched places of the Alps. Their adventure is going to interlace with a story which comes from the past. A story that occurred more than forty years ago.

Chasing the Breath

“Chasing the Breath” is documentary movie about Robert Celiński, runner who wants to win Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon as the first foreigner ever. The film documents his training and mental preparation in Nepal for his 4th start in the highest marathon of the world. The truth and emotion draws us in to feel like we are training along with Robert, sharing his acclimatization and also his private world, which is shown in its hardest moments. Will he be able to win it this time?


Canyoningová expedice se slaněním nejvyššího a nejhezčího vodopádu v Ticinu.

Castles of Loire

Ve Francii asi jen těžko najdete oblast, kterou byste si tak příjemně mohli prohlédnout právě na kole!



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