Hunting and gathering 0+

(Ensemble, c'est tout), Claude Berri, F 2006, French version / Czech subtitles, 97 min

The story of four people who, thanks to fate, will get to know and love each other. Camille, an off ice cleaner at night, does beautiful drawings in her spare time. Philibert, a young aristocrat mad about history, is timid, emotional, and solitary. Franck, virile and tender, is a cook. He deeply loves his fragile and amusing grandmother, Paulette. Together they will learn to temper their doubts and sorrows in order to go forward and fulfi ll their dreams. They’ll discover each other and understand that together they are stronger. The fi lm is based on the 2004-best selling novel by Anne Gavalda. In 2006, Josef Prokop translated it into Czech under the title „Prostě spolu“ in the publishing house Mladá Fronta.



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