Into the Current: Burma's Political Prisoners 0+

Jeanne Hallacy, BUR - T 2011, Barmese and English version / Czech and English subtitles, 87 min

Despite the fact that Bo Kyi is a distinguished human rights campaigner, he does not really seek media attention. As far back as 1988, he stood with the students who actively headed demonstrations against the military regime in Burma. After an armed crackdown by the military junta, which left more than 3,000 people dead, he spent seven years in jail. Subsequently he succeeded in escaping across the border to Thailand, where he now systematically supports hundreds of colleagues from the ranks of political prisoners, their families and other Burmese democracy campaigners. In Jeanne Hallacy's documentary, Bo Kyi describes the efforts of generations of Burmese to liberate the country from tyranny. The film presents unique archive footage from the Democratic Voice of Burma, depicting anti-government protests as well as performances by the comedian Zarganar, whose political satire has landed him in jail several times. Into the Current (Yayzan Lan in Burmese) is a documentary that looks at the courage of those whose intransigent resistance to the regime still gives hope to ordinary Burmese, despite decades of continuing dictatorship.


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