The wretched life of Juanita Narboni 0+

(La vida perra de Juanita Narboni), Farida Benlyazid, E - MA 2005, Spanish version / translated into Czech, 109 min

The daughter of an Englishman and an Andalusian woman, Juanita rejects the historical changes taking place in Tangier. She lives alone in this “Paradise lost”, surrounded by her sister Elena; Esther, her close friend who dedicates her entire life to an impossible love aff air with a Moroccan; and Hamruch the housemaid, who disappears one day without saying a word. The Spanish Civil War, WWII with the arrival of refugees from Europe, and the Moroccan independence fi nally returns the city to its Arab origins. Juanita‘s tragedy lies in not realizing that her world is destined to disappear by the destructive and rejuvenating force of History.



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