Psychosia 0+

(Psykosia), Marie Grahtø, DK 2019, Danish / Czech and English subtitles, 87 min

Viktoria has dedicated her professional as well as personal life to scientific research of suicides. Thanks to her disciplined approach and her prim Victorian uniform, she exudes a professionally cold detachment. But that evaporates when research leads her to a psychiatric ward where the fiery patient Jenny resides. The girl's treatment represents a challenge for Viktoria not only professionally as the unpredictable Jenny starts provoking fantasies that Viktoria must resist at all costs. But the closer the two women get, the clearer it is things are not what they seem to be at first sight. Marie Grahtø's feature debut uses genre conventions of a Gothic horror and introduces a story of efforts to form an amorous bond where clear lines between reality and hallucination blur. This visual homage to Bergman's Persona draws from the tradition of Scandinavian cinema, and emphasizes the two women's mutual affection through original visual work.

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