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Queer exhibo

For a relationship (For a relationship), director: Jim Verburg, CDN, 2007, 4 min
A collage of personal photographs collected over two years and a director’s monologue about them create an intimate testimony of sexual, love and family ties. The artist’s brave and visually impacting reflections of his own work, love and relationship with his father.

Me as He (Me as He), director: Christina DerHagopian, USA, 2007, 19 min
A brave look into the life of female artists who assume masculine roles. These drag kings do their performances, competitions and speak about how their roles transform them.

Sex Manic (Sex Manic), director: Charles Lum, USA, 2006, 5 min
An amusing and open talk directly to the camera about past and future sex right from the scene of the action.

Pink Grey (Pembe Gri), director: Emre Yalgin, TR, 2008, 28 min
A documentary about the establishment of a theatre company of transgender artists in Ankara, the lives and problems of these people with their community and transphobia together with a record of their theater performance.

Donne-moi plus (Donne-moi plus), director: Uisenma Borchu, D, 2007, 14 min
A highly esthetic and authentic record of an experiment of two girls who want to find the border between the personal and the intimate. It documents on an audio and visual level the raw facts and fascinations which they wanted to talk about and experience.

Ida (Ida), director: Tereza Pospíšilová, CZ, 2008, 28 min
A half-year in the life of 20 year old Edita, who has moved out from her parents to start her own home with her girlfriend. She dispassionately tackles lesbian issues and their own privacy for the audience. The story of Ida, the main heroine of Edita’s literary debut, creates a free parallel with her life.

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