Questioning Narrative: In Conversation with Basim Magdy 0+

Basim Magdy, ET 2008, 90 min
Questioning Narrative: In Conversation with Basim Magdy

Basim Magdy, contemporary Egyptian artists currently based in Basel, Switzerland and Cairo, Egypt works across several media including painting, installation, sculpture and video. In his recent works Magdy has been trying to distance himself from the conventional narrative, a feature characteristic for his work in the past. ”My interest is in narratives constructed in layers that seem to exist in little locked rooms - there is a lot of information but very little is revealed.” A reappearing feature in these new alter-narratives therefore becomes confusion, absurdity, fragmentation, irony, humor, and a persistent sense of poetic failure.

Basim Magy will present three of his latest videos:
Maybe There is a Message, 2008
Turtles all the Way Down, 2009
A Film About the Way Things Are, 2010
My father Looos for an Honest City, 2010

Screening will be followed by discussion with the artist. Moderator: Markéta Stará.


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