Sing Me a Song | JS 0+

(Sing Me a Song), Thomas Balmès, F-D-CH 2019, original version / English and Czech subtitles, 95 min
Sing Me a Song | JS

What impact can digital technologies have on the integrity of the ancient spiritual tradition of Buddhism? A time-lapse portrait of a young monk from a monastery in a remote corner of the mountains of Bhutan explores one of the less discussed risks of the digital revolution.

French documentary filmmaker Thomas Balmés returns to Bhutan with his camera after 10 years to continue his story of the life of a young novice, whose desire for spiritual awakening and work for the benefit of all beings was portrayed in the film Happiness (One World, 2014). Now, at the age of 18, the protagonist Päjangkji is losing the noble goal of his childhood in the blue glow of his mobile phone display. Along with other monks from the local monastery, he spends his time playing combat computer games and in virtual flirting with girls from the capital. Can the Buddhist ethos of deliverance withstand the onslaught of the seemingly omnipotent world of information technology in the heart of a teenage man?

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