Scumbag 15+

(Sviňa), Mariana Čengel Solčanská, Rudolf Biermann, SK 2020, Slovak, 98 min

Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shall not kill.

A film inspired by life. And death. Based on the bestseller by Arpád Soltész. A story of sex, death and money in one small European country.

A small, picturesque, mountainous country is controlled by highly placed criminals, people linked to politics, the mafia and also the police, judges and big business. A teenage drug addict disappears from a resocialization centre - nobody misses her. She wants to tell the police about being forced into sex and drug taking, but they send her away. She finds a journalist, who starts to unravel an incredible web of crime, gangsters and extortion. A talented politician becomes prime minister and controls the whole country, because those in power also control the police and government contracts. A small-time black marketeer becomes a major blackmailer who uses people like pawns on a chessboard. But can truth prevail among people who only care for money and power? Or does God turn a blind eye to murder and greed?

The story takes place in a country where anything goes. Drugged girls become playthings for influential men, both from the underground and from the top echelons of politics. Fortunes can be made from government contracts, and blackmail is just another kind of business. Power is the best way to protect your people from the police and the courts. If you have power, you can do anything. In this country some will do well. Very well. And sticking your nose into things can be fatal. Life is sometimes cheap; death is just another commodity.

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