The Lighthouse 15+

Robert Eggers, USA-CDN 2019, English / Czech subtitles, 109 min

Robert Eggers’ second movie was considered one of the most anticipated titles of the year even ahead of its premiere at the prestigious Cannes festival and now it rightfully features in all the Top of 2019 lists, which are currently appearing. The director and screenwriter has gained attention of genre fans and arthouse aficionados alike for his striking debut feature The Witch. His new carefully plotted tale is again hailed as a breathtaking spectacle, an unapologetic artistic vision and a hypnotic claustrophobic drama. Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe both give phenomenal performance as the keepers of the titular lighthouse in a yarn set in the last years of the 19th century. The relationship of the two men – one a seasoned and drunk seaman, the other his new and inexperienced apprentice – starts spiraling into madness and paranoia as the novice starts to unfold the mysterious fate of his predecessor. The striking black-and-white cinematography and the precise sound design create an eerie and bewitching atmosphere. Eggers has created a supremely esthetic assault on all senses, fusing beauty and brutality.

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