The Painter and the Thief – pre-premiere + discussion| MCL 0+

(The Painter and the Thief), Benjamin Ree, N 2020, English version / Czech subtitles, 102 min

The pre-premiere of the movie “The Painter and the Thief” will be screened in the form of an online stream “My Cinema Live”. There will be a live discussion with the main actress Barbora Kysilkova after the movie screening.

A documentary double-portrait of the marvellous friendship formed between a Czech painter living in Oslo and a Norwegian felon convicted of stealing her paintings from a gallery. Drug addict Karl-Bertil claims he doesn’t remember why he stole the works of painter Barbara Kysilková or what he did with them. But he regrets the crime, and at the instigation of the artist agrees to become the model for her next portrait. Artistic cooperation brings them together in a special way. They give each other an insight into the shadowy corners of their past. The film alternately depicts events from a dual perspective, sometimes returning to tell the story through the other person’s eyes. It shows the two protagonists from each other’s perspective, so that the resulting painting conveys a dark in places but also moving look at two seemingly disparate fates.

Tickets to My cinema Live for sale at GoOut.

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