Three Voices 0+

(Trojhlas), Daria Kashcheeva, Marie Urbánková, Martin Pertlíček, CZ 2019, Czech, 35 min

The co-production project Three Voices is the result of uniting three interesting student films that are being made simultaneously at three Czech art schools – FAMU, UMPRUM and the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň. The creators – Daria Kashcheeva, Marie Urbánková and Martin Pertlíček – have in common an interest in film puppets and a need to pass on a message. The project is produced by students of the film production study programme of FAMU – Mária Moťovská and Zuzana Roháčová – who in the future want to pursue film animation and it is an opportunity for them to try production work under the partonage of MAUR film, which systematically and on a long term basis looks for and supports talented animators. Producer Martin Vandas initiated this inter-school cooperation and the joining of these three films.

Uniting these films opens up many opportunities for distribution. Aside from the classic distribution routes (animated film festivals, kindred cinemas, cinema-cafés) we would like to organize screening events with an accompanying program. It would be events in the form of interactive exhibitions where the viewing of the film would be followed by a discussion with the authors and the viewers could also take a look behind the scenes, examine the puppets, costumes, film scenes. We will choose the places for screening in accordance to the atmosphere of Three Voices so we would like to focus on alternative premises (galleries, cafés, underground environments, site specific environments like the Žižkov freight railway station, Kolbenova studios) but we would also like to begin cooperation with the prestigious gallery DOX. We were inspired by the exhibition CITY CITY at GAMU in Prague which combined the exhibition with a screening and special sound installations. We would also be open to combining the exhibition with musical performances, for example from the composer of the film music, Petr Vrba.

The project was supported by the Czech State Cinematography Fund.

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