Tom of Finland 15+

Dome Karukoski, FIN-S-DK-D-USA- IS 2017, Finnish version / Czech subtitles, 115 min

The lavish biographic drama reflects the life and work of one of the  most significant representatives of gay culture in the 20th century, Finnish artist Touko Valio Laaksonen, known worldwide as Tom of Finland. His illustrations, full of homoerotic tension and pornographic scenes, portraying masculine alpha-males with gargantuan genitals, have become legendary. They appeared way before the advent of gay film porn in the second half of the 20th century, and often drew inspiration from the Finnish artist's fantasies. The acclaimed Finnish director Dome Karukoski contrasts a powerful story of an individual and the general history of the 20th century, using the personal history to address important topics related to the gay community's life in the 20th century (war traumas, persecution of gays, the AIDS epidemic, etc.). For the very first time in a live-action film, he focuses on a legend that might have influenced even your sexlife without your realizing it.

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