Hidden Children, Unknown Heroes 0+

(Überleben im Versteck- Jüdische Kinder und ihre Retter), Kirsten Esch, D 2009, original version / English and Czech subtitles, 59 min
Hidden Children, Unknown Heroes

One and a half million Jewish children did not survive the Second World War. Many of them tried to conceal themselves, either on their own or with the help of adults, but very few of them lived to see the end of the conflict. This also occurred because sheltering any Jew, even a small child, would have carried a penalty of instant death. Eva, Fred and Lore were among the lucky few who managed to survive. Eva was taken off a transport train from the arms of her mother by her aunt. Afterwards a nun hid her for three years in a convent. Fred was concealed with his brother and mother in Berlin by a friend of his mother, who was paradoxically a great friend of Hitler. Lore survived the War with good people on a Dutch farm. Despite the fact that countless films have been made about the Holocaust, stories that touch the heart keep emerging, and reveal new dimensions to human suffering. This film not only tells the story of those who survived the Holocaust, but also looks at people who risked their own lives and those of their loved ones in order to save a strange child.


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