Absolute Beginners 0+

Julien Temple, VB 1986, English version / Czech subtitles, 10 min

An ambitious and highly original jazz musical, adapted from the classic Colin MacInnes novel of 1950s London, a groundbreaking literary portrayal of the first wave of self-aware teenagers. Awash in color and sensuality, the film is hailed today as the first post-modern film musical for its innovative combination of the lavish sets, elaborate choreography and high-end production values of the classical MGM film musicals with the style and essence of the early phase of the music video. Featuring appearances from music greats ranging from David Bowie and Ray Davies to Sade and Slim Galliard, the film veers from one of the most famous opening shots in cinema to a dance scene built around a full-blown race riot - with an unwavering sense of pure style.


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