Waiting for the Reindeer Yoke 0+

(Čekání na sobí spřežení), Zdeněk N. Bričkovský , CZ 2010, original version / English and Czech subtitles, 52 min
Waiting for the Reindeer Yoke

The final piece of Zdeněk N. Bričkovský's four-part Polarion series introduces us to the Izhem people. Time flows as slowly as the Izhma River in this remote part of northern Russia. Consequently, a visit by Canadian students or Czech filmmakers is a welcome distraction. Folklore here is coalescing with the influence of Russian culture, and there is a risk that slowly disappearing traditions might die with the passing of the older generation. That's why the young ethnographer Galina is collecting old songs, customs and stories to preserve the "spiritual backbone of her nation." A pleasant atmosphere permeates this film. With a charming lightness of touch, the camera portrays the wild Siberian countryside, traditional boot-making practices, singing and dancing women, as well as the anticipated reindeer yoke. Galina's research and the entire film attempt to illustrate the fact that, besides the material world, the Izhem have "another spiritual world that will enrich our soul when we open it up."


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