War 15+

(Chrieg), Simon Jaquemet, CH 2014, German version with English and Czech subtitles, 110 min


A mesmerizing drama about teenage rebellion, the struggle against the system and the search for belonging.

Fifteen year old Matteo is going through a troublesome time; he is disrespectful, aggressive and rides on the edge of the law. A drawn-out conflict with his father, whose respect Matteo wants to earn, is not helping matters; it is only a question of time before he is sent to a farm, which is run like a boot camp, high in the Alps. Things at the farm are getting out of control, however, and instead of mending his ways, Matteo becomes involved with a group of three delinquent teenagers who first torture him and then take him under their wing. Their aggressiveness, however, is hiding a message not evident at first glance. Stylish, powerful and authentic, this first work by Simon Jaquemet is about the dark side of adolescence.

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