Waste, City, and Death 15+

(Odpad město smrt), Jan Hřebejk , CZ 2012, Czech version, 70 min

The screenplay (Der Müll, die Stadt und der Tod) by Rainer Werner Fassbinder inspired a theatre production by Dušan Pařízek. The film ODPAD MĚSTO SMRT (Waste, City, and Death) by Jan Hřebejk is then inspired by the screenplay and the production. Romi the prostitute is hardly successful at her job: she is of a far too gentle nature for her clients. The more obstinately she is pushed to the streets by her pimp Franz, the closer she is to a complete breakdown. One day, Romi is addressed by a property speculator referring to himself as a “wealthy Jew”; he does not demand any sexual services of her. He satisfies himself with Romi telling him stories, for which he lavishly rewards her. However, no one shares the sudden happiness with Romi. Her work-mates and current clients turn their backs on her, and so does Franz, who Romi is in love with. Franz claims that “any traffic with a Jew is fishy”. The whole story takes place in the environment of a dilapidated city, during the rescue of which politicians openly split their profit with speculators and lobbyists, this all going on under the protection from the police.

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