We'll Be Keeping On 0+

(Wir machen weiter 1989 - 1999), Wolfgang Ettlich, D 1999, original version / Czech and English subtitles, 108 min
We'll Be Keeping On

Filmmaker Wolfgang Ettlich and cameraman Hans-Albrecht Lusznat began this absorbing story of the transformation of East Germany in 1989. The story is told exclusively through the family of Jürgen Schütze, who ran a socialist supermarket in Zschopau, Saxony. At the time he was full of optimism and new plans for the future because socialist Germany was near collapse and their life was going to be infused with "golden" capitalism. The film covers ten years of constant ups and downs. It is the story of a couple who refuse to give up. It is the tale of two people whose never-ending battle for survival leads to them becoming estranged from each other and losing their relationship with their daughter for whom they had no time. This movie is a unique human drama, but also an occasionally entertaining and frequently moving documentary about Germany's post-reunification history.


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