We the Animals 0+

Jeremiah Zagar, USA 2018, English version / Czech subtitles, 96 min

Jonah is the youngest of three brothers, and also the most sensitive and perceptive one. As a child of young Latin American parents, whose love is impulsive and fickle, he’s been confronted with their conflicts since early childhood. The temperamental father struggles with the hard situation of an immigrant family in the northern USA, so the boy finds comfort in his mother's warm embrace. Just as she withdraws, Jonah also creates his own safe imaginary world. But as he gradually finds out, his ideas are significantly different from the behavior and values he sees in his father and brothers. This poetic film about realising one’s different sexuality in a strongly masculine environment conveys a child’s sensitivity and slowly draws the audience into the story of a boy whose experiences are universal despite the specific context. The film is an adaptation of Justin Torres’s novel of the same name, and was successfully presented at this year's Sundance, where it won the NEXT Innovator award.

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