Welcome, Come in 0+

(Nech sa páči, poďte ďalej), P. Ďurinová - V. Hradecká, SK 2011, Slovak version / English subtitles, 30 min
Welcome, Come in

In Slovakia today, more than 600 segregated settlements are home to almost 200,000 people, primarily members of the Roma ethnic minority. For these inhabitants, the chances of escaping settlements and living a normal life among the majority are slim. There are exceptions, however. Places where, thanks to the will of local authorities, inhabitants of Slovak villages and adjacent Roma settlements are able to live peacefully side by side. One example is the municipality of Sveržov where, with the support of the local mayor, Roma have erected bungalows in place of collapsing cabins. A community centre also has been built to provide Roma children with educational and leisure activities whilst helping adults find work.


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