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(Bienvenido a casa), David Trueba, 2006, Spanish version / English and Czech subtitles, 114 min
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Eva and Samuel are young couple in love who just moved into the household. Samuel finds a job as a photographer for the local newspaper, where he meets a diverse group of new colleagues: attractive and successful editor, brisk film critic, slightly oddball economic commentator and frustrated songwriter, who leads the editorial section of music. While trying to cope with a new job and together with Eva to deal with the rigors of cohabitation and cracks in the relationship, Eva unexpectedly gets pregnant...

This is a typical psychological comedy that in terms of Spanish cinema often gets a bit romanticized view of the problems of interpersonal relationships. In this case, moreover, through Samuel view becomes an image of Spain at the beginning of twenty first century or generally applicable image of European societies living in affluence. The director's intention was to create a story about the difficulties of life stages when one has finally come and take on the responsibility for a series of decisions.

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