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(Hindafing), D 2017, German with English and Czech subtitles, 2 x 45 min, 0 min

How fast can good intentions and a bit of good old greed turn into a chaotic rat race and fight for one’s own life? Find out in an absurdist satire set in a small German town reflecting the current crisis of European values.

A corrupt mayor of the titular town decides to solve both his own debts and the gaps in the municipal budget by capitalizing on new subsidies and accepts a group of refugees into Hindafing. That is merely the beginning of an masterfully escalating satire with tremendous pay-offs that targets the whole spectrum of maladies, paradoxes and shortcomings of the West European society which boasts about traditional values, humanism and the importance of traditional family, yet fulfilling the proclaimed ideals is a different story. The show’s spiral of absurd conflicts and its ensemble of ordinary characters with great ambition but little competence call to mind the Coen brothers movies, yet it still remains a completely distinctive work contributing to the current boom of German-produced quality TV.

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