Welcome to the Dollhouse 0+

Todd Solondz, USA 1995, English version, 88 min

The life of 11-year-old Dawn Wiener, unfolding between her seventh grade class and her “content”, middle-class home life, is not really a barrel of laughs. The main butt of her classmates’ jokes, Dawn’s life is no bed of roses, to say nothing of her family, where her apathetic father and slightly hysterical mother give precedence to her nerd brother and pampered little sister. At the same time, the maturing “ugly duckling” wants nothing more than to belong somewhere and to be liked, at least a little bit. So one day she decides to pick up the biggest heartbreaker in the school. This black comedy gives only an inkling of what is later to become Todd Solondz’s main interest: the confrontation of the bizarre and the perverse with the so-called “normal”. It is in this, his second film, however, that the screenwriter, director, and producer in one voices his passion for the outsiders in life (which binds him to another icon of independent film, Terry Zwigoff), and the unsentimental, bitterly comic intersection of their fates.

18.7. at 18.00
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