What the hell am I doing here! 0+

(Ma che ci faccio qui!), Francesco Amato, I 2006, Italian version / English subtitles / translated into Czech, 92 min

At the end of his fi nal year at school, Alessio has managed to botch things up big time. His parents punished him by forbidding a planned trip around Europe with his friends. But Alessio decides to catch up with them on his scooter. A brief stop on the coast leads to a series of minor catastrophes and Alessio has to work off his transgressions by working for the beach owner, Tonino. He thinks only about escaping, but discovers that not only Tonino, but Tonino‘s entire crazy family are growing on him. As he gradually begins to settle, he learns about sensitivity, patience and the ability to recognise true feelings and values. By the end of the holidays he is more mature than he would have been if he’d traveled halfway around the world.


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