When Animals Dream 15+

(Når dyrene drømmer), Jonas Alexander Arnby , DK 2014, Danish version/Czech subtitles, 84 min

An outsider in a small coastal community, 19-year-old Marie lives alone with her parents. She has no one to confide in except Daniel, a young man mesmerised by her wild nature. The townspeople live in fear of her and not least her mother, who is wheelchair bound, suffering from a mysterious illness. When Marie discovers her body changing – long hair growing on her chest and back – she begins searching for answers concerning her family’s hidden past. Something that will have great consequences for herself and her family – and the choices she has to make.

Desolate rocky coast of Jutland in an attractive watercolor palette, accompanied with traditional folk melodies completes this extraordinary and confident horror thriller. When animals dream, you should not disturb them. They can be very aggressive.

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