When the Tide Comes 0+

(Quand la mer monte), Y. Moreau - G. Porte, BEL - FRA 2004, French version / English subtitles, 89 min

The actress Irène is no longer young and beautiful, rather plump in fact, but with a child’s smile and unbelievably deep eyes. She wrote a play which tells the story of a woman who has just killed her lover. In this absurd drama she is the only character, and she describes her life as so banal, boring and full of injustice that the audience doesn’t know whether to feel more sorry for the victim or the murderer. Irène travels with her one woman show from town to town through Northern France. One night she chances to meet much younger Dries, who becomes her stage lover, and then her lover in real life. But nothing lasts forever...


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