White Night Wedding 0+

(Brúðguminn), Baltasar Kormákur, IS 2008, Icelandic version / Czech and English subtitles, 94 min

Jón’s first wife died tragically, and now the middle-aged teacher is planning to remarry – a former student who is half his age. Various circumstances prevent the wedding from going off without a hitch, and create numerous comic situations that serve to illustrate the many characters who swarm to a secluded island prior to the wedding. The nuptials aside, everything that happens leading up to the ceremony forces self-reflection and serious decision-making. This comedy with tragic accents, inspired by characters from Chekhov’s play Ivanov, also makes use of stock “wedding film” stereotypes. The action is seen from the male leads’ POVs, and the bonds between them help hold the film together. Taunting friends and squabbling partners provoke more laughter than apprehension, but the movie’s black humor clearly indicates that this is no idyll, marking it unmistakably as cinema of the North.

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