White Palms 0+

(Fehér tenyér), Szabolcs Hajdu, MAĎ 2006, Hungarian version / English subtitles / translated to Czech, 100 min

Few realise how much hard work, denial, suffering and pain are concealed within the graceful movements and seemingly effortless routines of a top gymnast. Uldi arrives in Canada to coach the young gymnastic talent. However, he doesn’t make a very good first impression. He still suffers from the old pains and traumas from his childhood when he had to endure the agony of daily training sessions, tough military drills and the coach’s insults and beatings. Both the coach and Uldi’s parents, saw only a future world champion, and not a sensitive boy about to enter adulthood. Logically, Uldi’s sudden rebellion has tragic consequences. The film is a combination of autobiographical elements and the experiences of the director’s brother, Zoltán Miklós Hajdu, a leading gymnast who also plays the main role.


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