White Ravens - Nightmare in Chechnya 0+

(Weisse Raben - Alptraum Tschetschenien), Johann Feindt, Tamara Trampe, NĚM 2005, 92 min

Petya and Kiril signed up as volunteers in the army at age eighteen and set off for service in Chechnya. Katya worked as a nurse in a field hospital in the war zone. When they returned home from the Caucasus, none of them were the same as before. They were psychologically and emotionally at their lowest point, alone with memories of war, of death and suffering. In the course of three years Johann Feindt and Tamara Trampe followed the attempts of these young people to fit into society again after their return from war, a society which acted as if the war in Chechnya did not exist. Only in the Committee of Mothers of Russian Soldiers can these returnees from the war and their helpless parents find similarly stricken people, with whom they can find mutual understanding.


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