White Skin (cze. & engl. subt.) 0+

(La peau blanche), Daniel Roby, KAN 2004, French version / Czech and English subtitles, 89 min

Montreal. Student Thierry wants to celebrate his birthday with his roommate, a Haitian named Henri, by romping with a couple of call girls they chance to meet at a bar. Once in the sack, Henri’s partner brutally attacks him and runs away. The friends assume that it was a racially motivated attack, but the truth is far more horrifying. Soon after, Thierry meets a mysterious redhead, music student Claire, and he recognizes in her sister the unknown assailant. While the more suspicious Henri delves into David Cronenberg videos and studies web pages about vampires, Thierry refuses to believe that the family of his pale skinned love is not quite on the up and up. Inspired by Joël Champetier’s novel (he also cowrote the screenplay), this sophisticated movie tweaks the banal ‘boy meets girl’ genre into an intricate thriller spiced with social allegory and gothic horror. At the Toronto IFF it took the City of Toronto Prize for Best Debut and the Claude Jutra Prize for Best Debut at the Genie Awards. (source: Catalogue 40th Karlovy Vary IFF)


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