White Terror 0+

Daniel Schweizer, CH - F - D 2005, original version / Czech subtitles, 90 min
White Terror

White Terror is the concluding documentary in Daniel Schweitzer's trilogy on radical rightwing extremists. Adopting the position of a neutral observer, Schweitzer was able to film neo–Nazi sympathisers and leaders alike, who let him attend their 'private parties' and visit facilities where they produce their 'home videos'. He gets an audience with the biggest Swedish producer of propaganda videos, which juxtapose footage of the Holocaust with concerts of skinhead groups performing songs with racist lyrics. Though this may appear to be a concession on the part of the director, it is in fact an effective strategy allowing him to get close to these egocentric fanatics convinced of their own truth. Critical input is supplied through interviews with journalists from various parts of the world who specialise in long–term investigations of the activities of rightwing extremists. With his skeletal film crew, he visits three main neo–Nazi strongholds: Stockholm, the centre of propaganda production; Dallas, characterised by its surprising 'family atmosphere' where 'white race' advocates meet during Sunday barbeques; and Moscow, where neo–Nazis recruited from street gangs and the ranks of ex–soldiers get together under the pretext of Slavic nationalism. Schweitzer sounds a warning that 'our local Nazis' constitute an organised subculture with international links and numerous sympathisers and that unless we take the danger of their ideas and actions seriously, they may become reality.

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