Who do you think you are? | Short films 15+

(Fais pas genre), Marie Loustalot; Stuart McLaughlin; Sheldon Lieberman, Igor Coric; Wu Tsang; Alicya Eyo, Sophy Holland, D, F, IRL, AUS, USA, GB, 2013, original version/Czech and English subtitles, 91 min

Who do you think you are?

One day in the life of a cute Arnould, who used to be Alice. After the morning runs into his ex-girlfriend who recognizes him only with difficulty and job interview does not go according to plan well, he goes to the bar where the card is finally turning.


Is there a link between Asperger syndrome and transgender persons? The story of a transgender couple is trying to answer this question. Adolescence of Charles and Adriane was not easy, but eventually found a partner for themself, which is both a challenge and win at the same time.


Maybe I was lucky or world is after all a better place than I thought when I was still a man. Encouraging animated processing their own ways to be a woman full of doubts and fears of adoption area, which fortunately did not materialize.

You're Dead to Me

While Chicana is preparing for the feast of the dead, uninvited guest visits her. This meeting forced her again to accept the fact that her daughter, whose remeberence she worskships, will not hear or wear hidden dress.


Adam, intoxicated by his late coming out, enjoying newfound freedom within the London gay scene, until he meets the young fragile Rocky. Carefree dating turns Rocky brutal attack, after which Adam must deal with their prejudices.

Flying Solo: A Transgender Widow Fights Discrimination

Robin Asti was born in 1921 as a man. Robin is a pilot, flies and also teach others to fly. Maybe it's the perspective of the cockpit, which had in its venerable age has given strength to persevere in the exercise of his rights to a successful end.


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