Wild Sky 0+

(Ciel en Bataille), Rachid B., F-CH 2011, French / English and Czech subtitles, 42 min

An autobiographical documentary that is a diary, an essay and a ballad of one life transposed to film. The director Rachid B. tells in a riveting candid monologue the story of his boyhood, the journey from Morocco to Europe and New York, coming of age, homosexuality, passion, religion, self-discovery, art and dealing with his father dying. His voice accompanies a visually and emotionally gripping documentary-experimental collage of images, authentic super 8 records and atmospheric impressions.

As opening film will be screened short documentary \"All That Sheltering Emptiness\" (dir. Gina Carducci & Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, USA 2010, 7 minutes).

A visual poem of one New York City hotel, in synch with the authentic recollection of one night of sex there.

The screening is in partnership with the Mezipatra queer film festival.

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