Will Not Stop There 0+

(Nije kraj), Vinko Brešan, HR - SRB 2008, Serbo-Croatian version / Czech and English subtitles, 112 min
Will Not Stop There

Djuro is neither Serb nor Croat. He is a Romany, he has a large, happy family and earns a living appearing in obscure Serbian porn films. And it’s through his open-minded, sarcastic perspective that we follow the story of the Croatian war veteran Martin. The young man’s life takes a considerably bizarre turn when he sees the beautiful Desa in a porn version of Little Red Riding Hood. Djuro, who gives a highly convincing performance as the wolf, agrees to help the young man find the girl, who turns out to be a prostitute. Since there isn’t any alternative, Martin buys Desa from her pimp and takes her away from Belgrade to Zagreb. The seriously traumatised girl thinks this is just another man who wants to take advantage of her and she doesn’t understand what Martin wants from her. What’s more, both protagonists have something in their past which comes back to haunt them, even now the war has ended. Experienced director Vinko Brešan has come up with a tragicomic story of love in a world where it seems all human values are put up for sale or destined for cynical destruction.


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