Winter in Wartime 0+

(Oorlogswinter), Martin Koolhoven, NL 2008, Dutch version / Czech and English subtitels, 103 min

It is January 1945. During the last winter of World War II, Nazi-occupied Holland lies under a blanket of snow, and food is scarce. Thirteen-year-old Michiel is living in a village near the town of Zwolle. Defiant in his hatred for the Nazis, he is eager to do something for the growing underground Resistance, despite his father's reluctance. Michiel's chance arrives when neighbour Dirk asks him to deliver an envelope on behalf of the Resistance. But Dirk is caught soon after and Michiel witnesses the shooting of the intended recipient by German soldiers. Inside the envelope Michiel finds a map of nearby woods which leads him to a secret foxhole where wounded English pilot, Jack, is hiding in fear of his life.

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